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Payment pending
I have recently sold an iPad on eBay, I have posted it a few days ago now yet the payment is still pending in my paypal account. Why is this and when will the money be in my account?
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Payments are put on hold for new sellers.   Here is more info:

If it's not that you may need to confirm the email address you have filed with Paypal.   Check in your Paypal account > click on the cog icon, top right > Email



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Never post anything out until you check your paypal account showing a "Completed"/Okay to post payment.Log into your paypal account and see what it says in there.


You may find as anew seller your payment is on hold/pending for 21 days,


The item may have been paid by paypal using an e-cheque which needs to clear.


The payment email address listed on the sell form to allow payment, may not be correct,You need to check the email you had on the listing is correct for accepting payment into your paypal account.To check the email address click on the sell similair option found under the more actions drop down box next to one of the items you sold and scroll down to the payment section to check,then use the back button to exit the listing

If it's a valid email address you can add it to your paypal account and the funds will be released.Your paypal allows you 8 payment addresses.

If the email is a void one, ask the buyer to use the 'cancel' option on the paypal transaction in there paypal account.

Then send your buyer a PayPal invoice from your pp account,choosing the 'goods' option and adding the sellers ID and item number in the message box.

Let your buyers know that they still have Paypal Buyer Protection paying this way.Next time you list check the form doesn't default to the old email address,and change where neccessary