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Not received an item
I've already contacted the seller 3 times and not heard nothing
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Read the eBay MBG

If the item as Not arrived & the Estimated Delivery Date As passed -
Open a Not Received Item Case In the Resolution Center.
After 8/9 days You can Ask eBay to Step In to Refund You

If the item as been removed -
First try to cancel the payment in Paypal,
If you can't, Contact eBay by Phone / Online Chat and request they open a case for you.
eBay generally only remove items if they break the rules (copyright infringement / counterfeit products etc) or the account was hacked.

Alternatively, You can Open a Not received case in PayPal.
(click on the "Resolve a Problem" link or go to Help and then their Resolution Center)'t-receive-my-item-or-it's-not-as-advertis...

You have 30 days in eBay from the Estimated delivery date to open a case & 180 days in PayPal.

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