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Money from sales
Hi iv sold a few items and don’t know how to move the funds to my PayPal
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the money goes directly to your paypal account,


there is nowhere to 'move' it from


New and returning sellers are subject to a hold on the payments but the payment goes directly to your paypal account and shows as held/pending.


Log into your paypal account.


You may have to claim the payment


or confirm your email address.


If it says payment received safe to post or something similar you need to post the item.


If it says payment is by e-cheque you will have to wait for the payment to clear before you send your item.


If the payment isn't showing in paypal and you use different email addresses for ebay and paypal you will need to add your ebay email address to your 'profile' in paypal.



Never post the item until you see the payment in your paypal account.

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The money never goes near eBay...payments go direct to Paypal


• As a new infrequent or returning seller seller your first few payments are subject to a 21 day security hold

• This is to ensure you are genuine & have the items you advertised for sale

• When you look in Paypal (all activity) and it says "pending OK to send" then you must send the item

• Your funds will be held for 21 days in order to allow you to send the goods, for them to arrive & be checked by the buyer & for any possible issues to be resolved

• This process can be accelerated to just 7 days if you send the item by a tracked service with online delivery confirmation. When you add the tracking number to eBay & Paypal & it shows delivered then on day 8 the funds are released

• More info here (but feedback is no longer used for confirmation of delivery)


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