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Items not turning up
I have been ordering items off eBay for sometime and I have never experienced any issues with receiving goods- I have recently ordered 2 separate items from
Sellers both posting 2nd class and as it stands both haven't turned up in the post. My postal address is correct. I'm not sure how to go forward with this?
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You need to wait at least one day after your item's last estimated date for delivery.  remember these dates are eBay's estimates,  and can be a tad optimistic.


If they do not arrive after a reasonable time,  items do get lost in the post RM is not infallible,  then contact your seller.  They will advise you to open a case for item not received in the Resolution Centre.  Link for this at bottom of this page.  Escalate exactly 8 days later if the seller does not refund in the meantime,  and you will be refunded.


Do not close any case early on a ;promise from the seller of a refund or replacement,  once closed it cannot be reopened.  Let it run the full 8 days,  and if it is not resolved,  do not forget to escalate.  

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