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Item not received

I’m just after some advice. I sent a parcel (dress) over three weeks ago by 2nd class Royal Mail. The buyer is now saying she has not received the item. 3 weeks after she brought it. Where do I stand with this type of thing
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If you send it  2nd Class Royal Mail and there is now a code on the receipt which you can put in as tracked into the dispute


Check the code either when you put it into the dispute or on line Royal Mail to see what it says


 The buyer needs to open a not received dispute and once they do then put the code into the dispute


If it says Delivered then you do not have to refund and the buyer will lose the dispute.


IF it does not then ask the buyer to check with their local Royal Mail Deliver office (NOt Post Office) although if delivery had been attempted the item would probably be on the way back too you if there was a return address on the package


If it is not there then you will have to refund through the Resolution centre and allow ebay to refund and take the money from your paypal account

YOu then claim off RM

YOu can do that online or get a form from the PO

Notice from ebay about made refunded item.


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