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Item lost in post, second item arrived, seller is asking for re-payment because "ebay have refunded"

Hi all,


I bought a widget, which was dispatched and got lost by the courier (the seller has proof of this, as they emailed me a pic of the tracking page, which said "returned to depot, insufficient address"). I contacted the seller, and they dispatched a second widget. This has arrived, and I collected it. My purchase history reflects that "the widget" has been collected, and of course the seller has been paid. I cannot differentiate - within ebay - between the first lost widget and the second delivered widget. When I go through the steps to report something as "not delivered", Ebay now says "looks like it was picked up".


The seller has informed me that Ebay has refunded me, and when I'm happy with the purchase etc... can I send another payment. I cannot see the refund in my paypal, nor do I have any messages to that effect from Ebay. I am assuming I can simply do nothing, as I owe no money, and I have paid for and received my widget. Any issues the seller has are with their  courier service, and are nothing to do with me. I would further assume that after a period of time spent languishing in the bowels of a sorting office somewhere, eventually the lost widget will find it's way back to the seller. If not, it may have genuinely been stolen, and they need to claim on their postal insurance.


Am I correct ?


Thanks in advance for your advice.

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You dont have to do anything.


YOu paid for the item and have received it.


If one got lost then the seller should claim for that item from their courier.


If the courier is now saying the first item was delivered then the seller should claim for the second one which must be lost.


Nothing to do with you unless you did receive a refund

Check paypal and see what it says

If you paid backed by a card then a refund can take several days to show on your account

If it was refunded then you should repay (as I am sure you would)



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