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Item has been removed
I bought an item but has been removed. I am worried they will receive my money. Please help. Nathan
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See if there is the option to cancel the payment and if there is then cancel it


If not

Phone ebay and ask them to open a dispute for you
Escalate it after a full 8 days

If you fail on ebay you are then covered by paypal
You open the dispute there and escalate it as soon as you can but within 20 days
YOu have 180 days to open the dispute there



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• Where an item is removed by eBay either for a compromised account or an item not permitted for sale on eBay then the case procedure to obtain a refund is different.

• The item being removed means that the payment details are no longer linked to the purchase in eBay as that transaction has been made null & void.

• The procedure is therefore either to phone Customer Services & request they open a case on your behalf or to move the Money Back Guarantee case over to Paypal.

• Log into Paypal & find the transaction, click on it & then when the detail appears you check to see if the payment is pending or unclaimed.....if so cancel the payment.......if however the payment has complete.....once the last estimated delivery date has passed choose the "resolve a problem" link.

• Open a case for item not received

• Add in the case notes that the item was removed by eBay.

• You can escalate the transaction after 2 days for Paypal to step in to resolve the case


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