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I didn't receive an item

I am waiting for this item from 17.01.2017! The seller just promise new and newer date. From 08. augoust doest any answer.  

Seller Note to seller repairmall You haven't included a note. eBay seller ID    repairmall2013   

Transaction ID: 0R405447P3320894V
Date: 17 January 2017
Payment status: COMPLETED

We've asked the seller to ship to the address below.

Shipping address:

Tóth Lőrinc
Magyar Igazságügyi Akadémia (recepció)

 Description Unit Price  Quantity  Amount 

 Portable Battery Charger Case Power Bank Cover For iPhone 5 5SE 6 6S 7 Plus [For iPhone 6 6S-10000m...


 13,82 USD  1 13,82 USD             Shipping and handling 0,00 USD     Tax amount       Total 13,82 USD     Payment 13,82 USD     From amount 4 172 HUF     To amount 13,82 USD     Exchange rate: 0,00 USD             Payment sent to:     This transaction will appear on your statement as PAYPAL *REPAIRMALL.
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You have left it way too long for any help from ebay or paypal.  Ebay allows 30 days to make a claim and paypal allows 180 days ( 6 months).  Your seller obviously knows this which is why he is no longer communicating.

Why have you waited 8 months ?  Sorry, there is nothing you can do now.


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There is really nothing you can do after such a long time. You have 30 days from the estimated date of delivery to open a dispute for 'item not received' in eBay. The estimated date of delivery was given to you when you first bought the item - it is not concerned with any date change that the seller may have made later.


You have a very generous 180 days from payment in which to open a case in PayPal. You are well past that date too.


You should read the eBay money-back guarantee so that this never happens to you again:


I'm afraid that the seller has successfully delayed you for long enough so that there is nothing you can do. You should have read the money-back guarantee earlier. There is a link to it on virtually every listing - eBay does its best to tell you about your rights.