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How do i delet an item i have just sold, Ebay Newbie

How do i delete and item that i have now sold and been paid for.


Also how do i leave positive feedback for my yuyer

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Do you mean the mobility scooter? It's the only item I can see that you have listed.


If it is then I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. You have obviously done an off-eBay deal which is very much against the rules and something that eBay is clamping down hard on.


If you had sold it through eBay it would no longer be listed. It would show in your sold items not in your items for sale. It loooks as if someone came to see it and bought it on the spot, paying in cash. That is an off-eBay deal.


To buy it through Bay they would have to click on Buy Now or make you a Best offer through the system which you could then accept. They could still come and collect it and pay cash but you would have made a legitimate eBay sale.


The only way to make the sale legtimate is for them to do that now. You can then mark the item as paid and as despatched in your sold items. eBay will then collect their fees on the sale. If you can ask your buyer to make the purchase now the listing will end and you won't be in any danger of having restrictions put on your account.


You will then be able to leave feedback for each other because the transaction will be on record.

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