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Has anybody bought anything from Vapeshop2018?

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S8 from VapeShope2018 on 28th of June 2018.

I got a message a day or two later, that the item was dispatched and that I 

would receive the item on 4th or 5th of July. 


I have not received the item and the seller has not responded to a message

that was sent on 6th July 2018.


Has anybody ordered from this company? Thanks.

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It is against the board rules to name & shame, so your question breaks the rules of the board.


If you want to know something about a seller, then check their feedback.


If the item as Not arrived & the Estimated Delivery Date As passed -
Read the eBay MBG

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Did you not check their Feedback before Buying, it is appalling, they aren't posting out any orders. Open an Item Not Received Case with Ebay to get your Money back.