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Cancelled order has not been credited back to my account.


i have a cancelled order which buyer has not paid for.

Despite order showing as cancelled my sales summary is still showing that I have sold the item and am waiting payment. This has been like this for over 1 week.

not sure how to get my sold balance corrected.

any advise great fully received.


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Delete the sold item then.

Why did you cancel rather than do an Unpaid case? Have you had your selling Fee refunded ? Have you given yourself a Defect?

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It doesn't sound like you cancelled it correctly. There are two cancellation routes - one would be using the 'out of stock' option, which would immedtaely get you a defct against your account, and the other is the 'buyer changed mind' option - the buyer has to accept the cancellation.


If you have a non-payer, a cancellation is not the correct route to go. You need to go through the unpaid item dispute process to get an eBay final value fee credit.

Read all about it and open one here:

The non-payer will get a strike against their account, and sellers can set their Buyer Requirements to block bidders with 2 or more strikes.

They also won't be able to leave feedback for the transaction, which is always a bonus when they turn out to be flakey.

Add any non-payer to your Blocked Bidders List. You don't want them coming back: