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Cancel a sale but already refunded through paypal
I am selling an item - someone bought the item and paid via paypal but didn't realise it was collection only.
I am not very experienced at eBay selling... so I signed into paypal site separately and refunded. Now I am trying to cancel it on eBay and it seems to be mandatory to process a refund (as in the box comes up and can't move on without completing) - but I have already done this directly on PayPal.
Any advice how I can now cancel the sale on eBay Please?
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We  used to refund that way, now it has to be done via a buyer's case or a cancellation.  After direct refund you will only be able to cancel and get your fee back if ebay agree to do it manually.  Contact them and ask.   You can use one of the phone options or live chat at the bottom of this: