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Buyers remorse

Hi, Just wondering how other seller's deal with customers that purchase goods, and they come back and say "item not as described" and it clearly is! Then eBay holding the money like your a criminal and telling you to send shipping fees as well! Really hacked off and just feel like my word counts for nothing as a seller and thinking of closing shop and account down. Any advice? Disgruntled seller. 

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This posting has had over 32,000 views since I posted it in 2015, and still continues to be viewed, so I thought I should bring it up to date.


Unfortunately eBay has created a paradise for unscrupulous buyers. (Still correct!)


EBay tells buyers that buyer remorse is not covered by its money back guarantee - yet all a buyer has to do is invent some supposed fault and they're guaranteed a full refund, with the seller even paying the postage both ways. (Still correct!)


Not to mention buyers who knowingly defraud sellers by returning items that they have used, damaged, removed parts from or even switched for another one. They still get refunds! (Still correct!)


There seems to be no end in sight. EBay is committed to buyer protection, and committed to taking the buyer's word against the seller's. (Still correct. EBay never even sees the item and can't know whether the claim is genuine or not. If they refused a genuine claim they could be sued for failing to honour their money back guarantee to buyers. So the default is to support the buyer. They don't give any guarantees to sellers!)


The worst aspect of this is that eBay gives the seller a defect on their account for every case. Sellers are now being banned from selling for life because of defects received. (No longer correct. If a seller agrees to a refund without argument, eBay does not penalise them. If they try to put their side of the case, but still lose - which they will - they are punished with a damaging defect on their account.)


I have said for a long time that sellers should get together and approach government about the monstrous power which this company now exercises over its users. It is totally unacceptable that a company which is unregulated and unsupervised can apportion blame and direct refunds with no pretense of any investigation and no right of appeal to any independent authority.