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Buyers remorse

Hi, Just wondering how other seller's deal with customers that purchase goods, and they come back and say "item not as described" and it clearly is! Then eBay holding the money like your a criminal and telling you to send shipping fees as well! Really hacked off and just feel like my word counts for nothing as a seller and thinking of closing shop and account down. Any advice? Disgruntled seller. 

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I think anyone selling here for any length of time, will eventually come across a SNAD against them when they know full well all was good and rosy with the tiem they posted!


Unfortuantely being an online business, no one can physically check the items to see who, in fairness, is telling the truth.  So good or bad the tools at our disposal in these cases are, asking for a return of the item for a full refund.  Sometimes, these matters can be dealt with successfully messaging the buyer and working things out, other times not.


Please don't close your account in haste, you are obviously a conscientious seller, otherwise this wouldn't bother you. Ask for the return of the item,  and tell them you're sorry it didn't meet  their requirements, and you're offering a full refund.


Then Block Them, and carry on happily selling !!