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Brought an unlocked Iphone but it's not unlocked
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I brought an Iphone 5c last week which was advertised a unlocked to all networks. It's come through this morning and it isn't accepting my 3 simcards (I tried tried 2 different 3 sim cards) and comes up with the message 'SIM not supported' so it doesn't seem to be unlocked. The seller listed the phone as no returns accepted so I was wondering if the fact the phone isn't unlocked would qualify for a as not as advertised refund?



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A seller can put no returns BUT this will never over ride your Buyer rights under Ebays Money Back Guarantee.


Go to the resolution centre at the bottom of the page and open a case for item not as described.


Follow all the instructions carefully.  The seller should send you a tracked return label at their expense.


If needs be.....after a full 8 days escalate the case for Ebay to step in.


Hope the above helps.



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