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Astro gaming A50 7. 1 surround sound wireless headset
Have just got an email saying that someone has hacked the Byers eBay account and I have already paid for this. How do I get my money back?
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If you do not receive your item , or if it is not as described on receipt,  one day after the item's last estimated date for delivery,  open a case with Paypal.


Log into your Paypal account,  and on the left select Resolve a Problem.  open the relevant case,  and enter that eBay have removed the item / seller from their site.  Ignore instruction to go back to eBay,  stick with the Paypal case.  Escalate after 2 days,  and before 20 for your refund.


Paypal can take up to 30 days to investigate your case.

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If eBay have removed the listing, use the recommended contact option in the link below, ask CS to open a case for you:


Listing removed:


Or open a Paypal dispute:


Either way will get you a refund.


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