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Account hacked
Account has been used to sell phones , people contacting me re payment and delivery
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Click on Help & Contact at the top of the page and enter 'Someone else has used your account' into the search box.  Read the information and follow the instructions carefully.


Try the other options in Help & Contact until you get the option to call eBay and talk to them regarding the unauthorized sales.  You may have to scroll down the various pages to see the contact information.


Alert PayPal, your bank, card company etc.


Once eBay have secured your account, run a full system scan to clear out malware, then review your internet security.

Then reset each one of your passwords.


Easy ways to get compromised: -

Using an insecure internet connection especially when out and about

Using easy-to-guess passwords and similar for multiple accounts

Failing to log out securely from accounts, including emails

Clicking on dodgy links in emails, texts and sites.