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Account hacked devastated

Had my eBay account for years never had any problems. I'm more of a buyer but I've sold a few things over the years. Anyway about 3 weeks ago I got an email from a company in Manchester thanking me for my purchase of a £179 mobile phone. Now it was a good thing that I checked my emails or Id have never known anything about it. I phoned the company and told them I hadn't ordered anything and they were really good about it as it was within 30 mins of the order being placed. I called my bank and they cancelled the card. Got the money back . But who ever it was who hacked my account has changed my Ebay id and the password so I cant get back to the account. I had over 300 good comments all lost. So now I've got to start from 0. I've not added my new credit card to this new account yet not sure what to do. Anyone got any advice for me.

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Sorry this happened to you.   Get onto ebay and they will sort it out for you.   You can use one of the phone options or live chat at the bottom of this:




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