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A seller has just left negative remarks on my feedback profile.

I bought a jacket on 6th April.   The postage was £6.29, I was expecting it on or before 10th April.    Yesterday, I sent a polite note to the seller to tell her I had still to receive the jacket. She didn’t respond so this morning, through eBay I informed that it hadn’t arrived but still wanted the jacket.     This afternoon, it arrived.   It was not as described.   It was sold as a leather jacket, but was 100% polyester.   Since then, the seller is adamant that she won’t pay for return postage, she has been abusive, and she has put negative comments on my feedback page.   Firstly, I reported the negative comments to eBay.   Will they remove it?   How do I report the seller?  It looks as though I’m the first person she has sold anything to.

i hate to cause a fuss, so I’m upset about this unnecessary carry on.

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Did you open an Ebay case for not received.....if yes and it is still open then you must ask Ebay CS to change the case to item not as described.  Ebay will force the seller to pay for the return tracked postage.


Escalate the case a full 8 days later for Ebay to step in if necessary.   

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If you opened a not received casethen it should close as soon as the tracking shows delivered.....however this is the only occasion where a buyer can open a second case on a transaction.....


• If an item received is not as described the first thing you should do is contact the seller to try to resolve things simply

• In the event that requires a return of the item then you should open a not as described case here :

• As long as the seller is UK based then they should issue you with a prepaid tracked label as part of the returns process.......use it, add the tracking number to the case & you should be refunded as soon as delivery is attempted

• If things do not go smoothly you can escalate the case when it has been open a full 8 days to request eBay to step in

• DO NOT CLOSE THE CASE UNTIL RESOLVED !! Do not believe sellers who say they cannot do anything while the case is open as once closed it cannot be reopened !!

• Do not pay to return the item yourself as eBay cannot force reimbursement of postage charges if you do !!


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Yes,  if you call eBay Customer Support they will renove that feedback.  Sellers are not allowed to leave negative feedback for a buyer,  that's why the negative option is not there.


It is a policy violation to do so,  so eBay will send them a warning email too.