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what is

I seeem to be plagued with a pop up named I'm running windows 8 I have tried to disable this by putting the pop up blocker on it's highest setting but still getting it , nis it dangerous???

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Dont know what it is, but you could try installing an adb...

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Dont know what it is, but you could try installing an adblocker. I installed Adblocker Plus, and now no ads or pop ups. Just Google it and folllow insrstructions, takes about 30 seconds.

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Re: what is

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A quick internet search suggests that this is a fairly recent pest, and that not all security software will find it yet.


According to this page:


only BitDefender and DrWeb picked it up. (That was four days ago, and the rest might be catching up fast.)


Quite a lot of information on this thread:


"EnhanceTronic" might be something to do with this - detection and removal instructions here:


Short story - watch out for unwanted stuff installing itself along with legitimate software (always choose the "Custom" installation option to help check for unwanted but technically not virusy hitchikers), check Add/Install Programs (or whatever your operating system calls it) for obvious unwanted stuff, especially toolbars, and if in doubt, run Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner.


Once you've removed potentially unwanted programs, you might need to reset your browsers, as their settings have probably been changed by the adware or whatever. More details in the pages linked to above.


My preferred sites for safe (as far as I know) links to downloadable freeware include Gizmo's Freeware Reviews/techsupportalert, and Specific links with more information/links for Malwarebytes & friends and for AdwCleaner:


Adblock Plus and Element Hiding Helper are great for blocking ads, but it's worth checking the source of things like this before just hiding them - in case further action is required.


Hope you sort it out - do let us know if you actually get to the bottom of it, as this does seem fairly new - it would be useful to know if it's readily killable.