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who else is sick to death of the hot deals sidebar?
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those hot deals sidebars are driving me away. ebay dont care.....ive live chatted them 6 times and you cant turn them off.....they had the cheek to tell me to swap browsers....delete cookies and cache. No ebay! turn the thing off!!! never mind the cash you are getting....your losing customers!!!


Anyone else feel like ebay arent listening??

Anyone else feel the same?

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hi, they drove me nuts on firefox so i switched to google chrome. worked for a day then back they came. i was gutted. it got to the stage where i could barely see my page!!!! i gave up and turned away from my favourite hobby....ebay at lunch time.


my friend suggested running a malware debugger. worked a treat!!! so far so good and that was a week ago.


try it and see. i do agree100% about chasing people. i had given up on ebay totally.



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I havent got them so they don't worry me.


Have you got you pop up blocker on?


You could also download an adblocker which should help.


eBay are probably right about swapping browsers too - I use firefox and as I said i'm not getting these ads so maybe there's something in what they say.


Annoying ads are a fact of life wherever you go these days but they make companies a lot of money so doubt they will be getting rid anytime soon.





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I tried this and haven't had any Hot Deals for the last 10 minutes. Seeings as it was every minute before this I have my fingers crossed.


Went into Tool / Manage Add ons / Show: All Ad ons.


Under "Not Available" (ie name of the company) in the list I found one called ReAlldeal that had been loaded a couple of days ago (when the pop ups started). Surprise surprise the disable button was greyed out but I just went to Control Panel and uninstalled that program.


So far so good............

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I use Firefox as my browser, and have installed AdblockerPlus. I dont get any of the ads I used to get.