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unpaid item may be recorded on the buyer's account.what does this mean how many are they allowed

 unpaid item may be recorded on the buyer's many times are they allowed

i have sold a few things to some buyers who do not pay and when looking in to there feedback it is an habit with a lot ..why are they still allowed to bid 

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buyers only get unpaid item strikes if sellers follow Ebay guidelines and open unpaid item cases


buyers with too many UID against them will find their account suspended eventually


buyers with 2 strikes or more in a 12 month period can be blocked by sellers setting their preferences to block these non payers


Silly sellers leave negaitve fb on the positive green dot - this has no effect on the non payers ability to bid and spoil auctions- Ebay doesnt read feedback so the sellers are only harming other sellers auction by not following correct procedure in cases of non payers


Sellers who leave false positives can have policy violation recorded against themselves


So simple always open a UID - get the buyer a strike - and block buyers with 2 or more strikes


If we all used the tools Ebay provided these non-payers would not have the freedom to carry on costing honest sellers time and money