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seller nattering to reverse negative feedback on poor garment,I tried to alter my comment but failed

I bought a lab coat , which I think is poor quality, left negative feedback. now every night I get messages urging me to alter feedback. I tried to add another comment on my feedback , but typed it wrong .and in correcting it managed to post it instead. the Item was substandard instead of high quality as they stated. A partial refund which they gave me does not alter that. have explaine to them that if it had been good quality I would have left good feedback, but still they persist?????

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Hi there,


It's unfortunate that some sellers are like this, negative feedback can be quite damaging to some peoples reputation, hence the persistent 'begging' for you to change it.


However, the feedback system is based on your opinion of the seller and his practises and products. If you have had a negative experience and they have done nothing to redeem themselves in your opinion, then you have every right to ignore these requests. 


I'm not sure if blocking sellers is a possibility on this website if it is it might be something to look into, otherwise, all I can suggest is you ignore it unless they truly do something to change your mind.


Don't give in to the pressure if you're not happy.


Hope this helps Smiley Happy


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