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seller is refusing to take back an item that doesn't work

I bought a games console on 9th June - I accidentally left positive feedback (I meant to leave it for another item)  I then found out the console won't work.  I contacted seller who said she was selling it for her father, she agreed I could return it and advised the address to send it to (not the address on ebay) Parcel Force have now confirmed that the item was refused when delivered and is coming back to me. 

I opened a dispute on Ebay and have had abuse from the seller saying I am trying it on.  The seller is a business seller who sells consoles and games so I think the "selling it for my father" was not true.  Should I open a paypal dispute?  Will ebay see the messages that have been sent via this dispute so far as they are really over the top and horrible! 

If I have to send it back again I will have had to pay out postage twice! what if they turn around and claim it works?  I have never had a problem like this before with such an awful seller!  Many thanks in advance!

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Seller hasn't done themselves any favours by refusing delivery of the item. As above , once you enter the tracking number in the dispute to show attempted delivery, ebay presume, by the seller refusing to accept delivery, that they do not want it back and will therefore refund your money.

You then have the refund and the item.

If you decide that you will let the seller have the item back (which you don't have to), you can ask for all expenses it cost you to return both times.

If they don't pay, don't send.


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You cannot open 2 disputes for the same item.


In ebay you have to wait for 8 complete days and then you can escalate the dispute to a claim.


At this point ebay will get involved and read any messages within the dispute. They can also access messages via the normal message system.


Do you still have the online tracking number for the refused return? You should be able to enter that into the dispute, you could do it now. Make it clear within the dispute that you have already returned the item.


All you have to prove is attempted delivery to the seller. So you shouldn't have to return for a second time.


If the seller refuses to accept delivery then ebay deem that they don't want their item back.


Don't worry. Ebay nearly always side with buyers in disputes. Just make sure you escalate as soon as the 8 days since opening have passed.


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Stick with the eBay dispute.  Escalate it to a claim after 8 full days and send the console back by tracked postage to the address that eBay will give you.


Ignore everything that the seller says.


Unfortunately neither eBay nor Paypal can force the seller to reimburse you the cost of return postage but as the seller is a business you could try moneyclaimonline.


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