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bid retraction

I bid on a coat and this other bidder ran me up and outbid me, then retracted her bid. I feel its unfair as she ran up the price I paid and when I looked at her bidding history she has retracted loads of times.. a bit suspicious?

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It  is suspicious but may not be down to the seller.


People do this to find out the other bidders maximum bid so that they can bid right at the end and they know the amount they need to bid.


Or it could be shill bidding. If you click on the bidder who retracted what is their percentage with the seller?


Or occassionally someone bids several times, gets to be the winner then decide not to buy and retract them all (the bid then goes right back down). Someone did this on one of my auctions recently. I blocked them so they couldn't come back in at the end.


If you are unhappy you could ask the seller to cancel your bid.