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If my bid is the only bid will I pay my maximum bid or the start price?

I’ve never bid on eBay before. I am interested in an item that is for auction but also has a buy it now and a make an offer listing. If I make a bid below the buy it now price what happens next. Also when bidding for an item if no one else bids will I have to pay the maximum I bid?

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When a seller lists an item for auction with a BIN price.. that BIN price will disappear as soon as you place a bid...

The seller cannot run an auction with 'make an offer' as well... so read the listing carefully...


The option of BIN is only there if a buyer do not want to hang around waiting for the auction to finish. 


The highest bidder wins the item, NOT what your maximum bid amount is.....the seller nor any other bidders can see your maximum...

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If nobody else bids you only pay the opening bid. So if an item has a start price of 99p and you place a maximum bid of £5.00 then you will only pay 99p - as long as nobody bids against you.


If an item has an auction and a buy it now price, then if you place a bid the buy it now price will disappear. It then becomes an ordinary auction. The only exception to this is if the seller has set a reserve price. Then the buy it now will not disappear until bidding reaches the reserve price set. The minimum reserve anyone can set is £50. Ebay will accept lower bids but will tell you that the reserve has not been met. The item will not sell until the reserve has been met.


There are also listings which have a buy it now price, with the option to make an offer. You can make up to 3 offers on an item. The seller can accept, refuse, make a counter offer or ignore the offer completely. Offers remain live for 48 hours. If you make an offer and it is accepted then you have to pay.


There is no such thing as an auction with make an offer.


Cars are different. You can make a lot more offers.