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I purchased an item and was then refunded without explanation. Seller is now demanding payment

I am concerned this may be a scam as the buyer is listing several similar items on this and other linked accounts. As my payment was refunded, do I still have to make another payment as I no longer wish to proceed.

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do I still have to make another payment


No, you don't.


Assuming that you paid by PayPal, if the seller opens an unpaid item case against you eBay will be able to see that you paid for the item, and that your payment was returned. If there's any problem with this you can phone customer support.


In fact, eBay has probably already placed a defect on this seller's account for refunding you without your agreement, and they will still charge him full fees for the sale. He might have discovered this, which could be why he now wants to complete the sale!

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