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How to cancel an item bought

I purchased a driving seat for xbox yesterday, as that what it was advertised as, but after I had bought it and went back to the item, I scrolled down to bottom of page and found out I had only bought a frame which it was possible to put seat, steering wheel, and pedals on, and as the picture and description in heading stated it was the seat and showed picture of it complete, I was not happy as not willing to pay £115 for a couple of pieces of metal, I emailed seller within 12 minutes of buying asking to cancel the transaction. I have now received an email stating I will have to contact ebay and cancel myself. Can someone tell me how to do this or do I have to open a case.

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You cannot cancel it, the seller needs to send a cancellation request for you to agree to so he can get his fees refunded and you do not have to pay.


Some sellers will think you are a timewaster and instead open an unpaid item dispute where you would either need to pay or get a strike on your account.


There is no case for you to open.


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 its not possible  only the seller can  cancel


  you need to receive the item before you can file not as described


 basically  not reading the listing is not fair game for filing a dispute