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How do I stop my searches from appearing on EVERY computer I use. i.e I browse for something while at work and it then also appears at home!

I hope the description of my question is clear but to give an example, I have browsed ebay while at work searching for a gift for my wife and then found the searches appear on my welcome page at home (I dont even need to login to My ebay!)

This of course kills any surprise I might of had planned.

Even when not shopping on ebay for gifts, I dont really like seeing my browsing history where ever I go, I dont need to see that I shopped for printer inks or anything else for that matter.

I am expecting someone to mention cookies on the computer but isnt there a setting on ebay to stop this?


Please help.

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If you click on the big ebay logo there are a couple of options in the centre of the page you can click on. Remove searches and hide activities.


I don't think it is possible to turn of the suggestions prompted by your recent browsing history though.


They can be very random and way off the mark in my experience.


Of course everything will show on different computers. The data is stored on your ebay account,not the computer in question.


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