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Can a seller refuse to send items due to an incorrect price on his buy it now listing.

I purchased 10 lots of phone covers,the seller has emailed me to confirm he got the price wrong and they should be dearer and wants to cancel the order. Is this allowed, in the sellers terms and conditions.

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Seller should honour the sale but you cannot force them to sell.


Report them for non-performance.


Leave appropriate feedback for each item.


If they send you a cancellation request then refuse it.


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umless it is a very obvious mistake eg buy it now set at £1 when the real price should have been £100, then it would be very cruel to take advantage...


That being said if it was an auction the seller should have started at a reasonable amount..


I guess you brought 10 items at buy it now, so i guess they were good buys!!!!


Depends if you feel that the seller made a honest mistake or that they have just decided they want a bit more money after they sold...


Botom line you can not force seller to post.... If you insist that you want them all then pay for each item... do not accept a cancellation and if the items do not arrive then open a paypal case for each item , once refunded leave appropriate feedback...


OR you could accept a mutual cancellation? if feeling sorry for seller?


Its up to you

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Seems odd as Purchase History on listing shows they were selling at the same price you paid back in December.


Would have thought they'd have noticed sooner if 'wrong price'!!! X-(