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Tracking Numbers for overseas sales

Am i right in thinking as from 20th June 2017 -all sales overseas from the UK wilL need a tracking number as proof that you posted the item on time so not to affect your ebay performance if the customer states on the feedback late delivery.


I think this is totaly unfair if you have posted the same day -  but the postal system in the UK or overseas is incompetant or customs clearance delayed due to holidays or extra securtiy checks.


I have Free postage on most items  - it will be a shame to pass this onto the customer as it will affect my sales big time.


Thoughts and advice pleace

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Re: Tracking Numbers for overseas sales

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As someone discovered previously.. If a US buyer opens a case and there's not a tracking number in the system, it will now automatically close in the buyers favour within 24 hours!
I don't see any way other than sending tracked to protect ourselves. Unless you're selling enough quantity to take the risk. depends on product price and margins I guess