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Late & damaged - advice please.

Bought an item on my buying ID. With no contact & over two weeks late I opened a case, then had to wait 7 days or so. Just about to escalate & the seller added tracking details (still no contact). So ebay put the case on hold to see if it will arrive, it has but badly damaged (not in transit damage). The only option is to close the case as it arrived but can I then open another for it being damaged?

Since I bought the item the seller (private), they have started getting negs for this sort of thing.

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Re: Late & damaged - advice please.

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Yes you can close the case, the seller will win anyway as they have proof of delivery with that tracking.


I assumed badly damaged that it is of no use to you. if so:

Open a case for Item Not As Described.

The seller will be forced to pay for the return postage costs by supplying you a printable label.


If they dont accept the return escelate the case after 8 days and you get to keep the item and money. Throw the item away if you can not use it.


Buy a new item from a respectable business seller.