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Check your account selling fees!

I noticed that I was charged two identical fees for selling just the one item in auction on 11th June - basically a double entry on my account. It happened to be the highest priced sale of the day and hence the largest fee...


 Rang through to query this today and was advised it is a known fault, under investigation. One fee has been swiftly refunded to me, but only because I noticed it and raised the query.


 As far as I'm aware this "fault" has not been reported by Ebay for sellers to be aware of, so it may be worth your while checking back through your account if you don't already do so.

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Re: Check your account selling fees!

in reply to millersbank

Thanks for that, you did make me check my invoice, and I did find a mistake that others may also be experiencing.

As a result of the 'more value for ebay shop subscribers' notice from ebay on 28th of Feb, I have been promoting my listings this past month. I was doing as it says, using my '£10 listing upgrade credit to spend on listing upgrades such as promote your listings (featured or anchor shops only).'

However, as you may guess, the £10 credit has not been applied at all. Just got off phone to CS, and they don't seem to have any knowledge that this credit should exist, and they say it only applies to listing upgrades such as subtitles, bigger picture etc.

Not sure what to do now.

Have emailed them, after I found it written in black and white, after the phone call, so hopefully will hear back.