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WHY EBAY js allowing buyers to exploit sellers?

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More and more buyers finding silliest reasons to click "item not as described" button for partial or even full refund. I have been trying to get in touch with non-existent Customer Services of EBAY during my case with no avail. The buyer has claimed my item wasn't as described with obvious lies they still rewarded him full refund. Now I received an item that is damaged and clearly used can I appeal?? NO!!!! Why does EBAY allow this? Why can seller not contact anybody during the case and after the decision?? you do need buyers yes but you need sellers too EBAY. ... Absolutely appalling. ..  I am closing my account and going only on the other service from now on. Whatever you say they have Customer Service in mind not just FEES .. like EBAY

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Re: WHY EBAY js allowing buyers to exploit sellers?

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Buyers are entitled to refunds under the Money Back Guarantee. This is something which has been around for a while now and is pretty clearly advertised in the orange banners at the bottom of the screen, and sellers need to be aware of this.


If you believe a buyer has abused the process, you can use the Report a Buyer button which you can find on your feedback page. When you send a report, you will not be told "buyer X has been suspended" so it may look like nothing has been done, but ebay will monitor trends that come in from reports and have suspended buyers in the past. Part of the problem is that a lot of sellers don't use the Report feature so these abuses are not always recorded.


Partial refunds are generally not a good idea, and generally speaking the advice should be "return the item for a full refund". That way you get the item back to sell on. Some buyers are using partial refunds as a nice little earner nowadays, and they will often try and bully sellers, especially inexperienced ones into giving in. When a buyer requests a partial refund it is a good idea to just stick to the "return for full refund" policy, and be very firm that is all you will accept.


Your descriptions do seem quite brief, so you may find if you flesh them out with a bit more information, buyers know what to expect and you don't get so many problems.


Regarding contacting ebay - have you tried phoning them, you can get phone numbers from the "Contact Ebay" tab under Customer Services, top right.



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Re: WHY EBAY js allowing buyers to exploit sellers?

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Does saying it in two threads make any difference ?