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ebay international AG

hi so i put some money in the bank today went to check it had gone in straight after and all of a sudden it had been taken out i checked my bank online and the money had been taken out by ebay international AG  the email recpite was dated 13th but bank says 17th we are only on the 15th i checked evrything this is not a scam the money was actually removed its not due to a purchase as i havent bought anything and its not from a link on an email as i dont check my emails a lot of people in other countries have had the same problem as i searched it online i also searched the name on ebay and its none existent i advise people to keep a close one on there paypal at all times 

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Re: ebay international AG

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Bank statements putting advanced dates over the wekend is standard practice, so that bit is nothing to worry about.


You have either


a) been scammed or phished by putting your passowrd where you shouldn't.


b) been charged  for something you have done or bought on Ebay.


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Re: ebay international AG

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hi this has just happened to me , paypal wont help what can we do