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My customer couldn't pay for his item.

My customer couldn't pay for his item.

He said it wasn't showing the PayPal option so I sent him a revised invoice and

still he said he couldn't pay. I then offered him the option of paying by my direct

PayPal link and marking the item as paid for on eBay (as you would if a customer

had collected the item and paid cash) but he didn't want to do this.

It seemed everything I suggested wasn't working so I opened an unpaid case against him.

Then he sent me an eBay info document which I didn't know about.

After reading this and sending a further revised invoice which he still couldn't 

pay, I relisted the item as a 'Buy It Now' and finally he managed to pay and I sent

the item to him yesterday.

I have now cancelled the unpaid item case and have tried to cancel the transaction so

I don't have to pay the final value fee twice but it won't let me. Does this mean eBay will

keep both lots of final value fees which they have already taken or will one lot be refunded?

Please advise,



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Yes, I'm afraid you will pay both fees if the item was effectively sold twice, even though the buyer only paid once.


You closed the unpaid item for the original case as paid for, so you can't claim a refund of fees for this transaction.


I think you're saying that they then bought it for a second time, as a "buy now", and did pay for it? In that case, fees for this will be payable too.



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Yes, eBay will keep both lots of fees unless you expend a great deal of energy complaining, also, it's quite common for buyers to experience checkout errors.


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