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Invoicing a successful bidder whose profile is based in China; but has said she has a London address

A bidder who assured me throughout the bidding that she had a London address has now won an item.

When I attempted to send an invoice for the item, the choices for postage are all international...(address is stating as being in China)

Not sure where to go with this.

Any help would be appreciated.

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in reply to myomyyoy

Do you need to send an invoice?

The option to pay should be on their screen without the need for you to send one.

You should only really need to send an invoice if you have to adjust the post cost, usually due to them wanting international postage.


If they can not pay, you could cancel the sale due to a problem with the buyers address, or you could wait and open a non payment case, as they will be unable to pay without an invoice and you will win the case and they will get a strike.