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royal mail delivering registered items without receiving signature
Has anyone else dispatched items 1st Class Recorded, that was obviously delivered but no signature was received? The attached picture shows a parcel I sent on the 23-09-13 however it still shows that is passing though the postal network for delivery, I know the customer received the parcel as I have not heard from the buyer stating otherwise, this was quite an expensive item, so I assume the buyer would have contacted me, this is not the only parcel I have had this complication with, what's the point in using registered post if they fail to receive a signature....
Accepted Solution
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in reply to jakinabox23

I have had plenty of recorded delivery items shoved through the letterbox or left on the doorstep. The service is not all it is cracked up to be. A dishonest buyer could complete an item not received dispute against you and win.


Items sold for over £50 must be sent by special next day delivery, otherwise you cannot claim from Royal Mail if they get damaged or go missing. That is a far superior service.


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