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I have a no return on an item that's sold. The buyer wants to return it. Do I have to pay the postage?




I item ticked that I don't accept returns. The buyer is disputing that the item was new as described. I have offered a refund but don't see why I should pay postage, can I get advice please.

Seems to be happening more and more by buyers as a way round e returning something they don't like.

This item only cost 1.55. 


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the buyer pays the return using a recorded method to proove you receive the item back..No Return = No Refund..thats what we all signed upto.

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no returns mean nothing on ebay. Ask the buyer to return for a refund. Buyer must return using online tracking only to prove delivery at there own expense as agreed when they signed up with ebay. No return no refund.

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You are entitled to request the buyer to return it for a full refund. Buyer returns tracked at their own expense ...seller is not obliged to pay return costs but may do so if they feel they were at fault.


Unfortunately with such low cost items it does really become unviable for a buyer to return it and it is very possible that you will end up being negged And your stars trashed.


Some sellers would refund without return in a case like this but others will insist on a return and take the risk as they are aware it might just be a ruse by the buyer to get the item for free.


Its up to you to what is best for you and your account.