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Collect and economy tracked postage

I have just sold an item and the postage details are economy delivery ( collect and economy tracked ).  I only sold the item for £1.20 in the end and listed it to be charged £ 5 for delivery ( shoes ). Do I have to post it this way now or can I just send it Royal Mail first class instead.  I am new to Ebay and have no idea how I came to put this Economy delivery ( collect and economy tracked ) postage.  It hardly seems worth tracking an item which sold for only £ 1.20.

Please reply soon asIi want to post it tomorrow if possible.


Accepted Solution
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If  you now wish to use a cheaper postal service you need to get your buyer's agreement to this before they pay. You can then revise the postal cost. Otherwise you can just refund the difference.


I agree that it's hardly worth the hassle for £1.20, but in that case why didn't you start the listing at a the lowest price it would be worth selling for?


Don't fall for eBay's free, 99p listings. These are fine as long as you're perfectly happy to sell the item for 99p if necessary. Otherwise forget 'free' listings. Paying a small listing fee is preferable to letting items go for next to nothing.

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You have listed that you will send by Collect+  - a courier type service.  Details here:



I haven't been selling since the RM increases in April, but I think you may find that you won't actually save anything money wise due to size.  Have a look at their website and postage calculator:






If you do find it will be cheaper by RM and more convenient for you to go to P.O. instead,  then you can contact the buyer and ask if they would mind if you cahnge to R.M. rather than Collect+.  It will actually save them having to wait in for delivery.  At least if they aren't home for RM they can rearrange delivery on-line or collect from their sorting office.


If you will be saving on postage cost, then you should send a partial refund to the buyer or they may mark your ratings down on postage cost and leave poor feedback.