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item in warranty but seller doesn't respond



i bought a baby monitor in July 16. this item has 12 month of warranty. 


it stopped working so i have contacte seller 3 days ago, however they didnt answer so far. 


how do i get eiter exchange or refund? what can i do if the seller does not reply?


thank you 

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Ebay do not get involved in Warranties, that is between you and seller. If seller is in the UK, you could ask Citizens Advice for guidance, if seller is overseas, then any warranty is only as good as your ability to enforce it.
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There is nothing you can do through eBay or Paypal


Neither offer or get involved in warranty disputes


This is now between you & the will not get assistance from eBay


If the seller was a UK registered business you could seek assistance from Trading Standards


eBay Money Back Guarantee policy is very clear on this




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