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fake item claim

I sold an item which I believed to be a genuine article, the buyer who sells on these items claims it is a fake and has asked for a refund where do i stand.

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refund where do i stand.


All you can do is offer them a full refund on return. You will have to pay for the return postage.


EBay's policy is to support the buyer "unless they are able to determine that the item is as described." However as eBay never sees the item and doesn't require any evidence what this amounts to in practice is that they simply take the buyer's word against the seller's. Sellers have almost no chance of winning.


Genuine or not, buyers can invent any reason to demand a return, even if they've just changed their minds. Just count yourself lucky if you get it back in the condition you sold it - or even the same item. Because if they've damaged or switched it eBay probably won't take your word for that either.


Every sale today is a gamble whether the buyer will abuse eBay's money back guarantee.



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You tell them to open a not as described case, you accept the return, issue a prepaid returns label & refund when you get it back


It is actually a criminal offence to sell counterfeit goods....even must be certain of provenance before listing


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