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cancell e bay fees

Item arrived damaged in America, made immediate refund to buyer via pay pal, went to cancel sale so there would be no fees and system will not let me, says blocked by paypal.


E-bay does not want to know says between buyer paypal and myself. contacted Buyer says he has no problem , thanked me for a quick refund and said he has no problem with the paypal side . Nothing shows up as a problem on my paypal account.  buyer says they have experienced this problem with e-bay when you use thier international shipping and seems impossible to cancel and get your fees back from e-bay and payapl, can anyone help.


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If you used GSP then they were responsible, your responsibility ends when item is delivered to the UK Hub.

You need to contact GSP but if you use a service it is a good idea to understand how it works.

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If it was GSP and it arrived damaged then you are not responsible for the refund

The buyer opens a not as described dispute making sure ebay know it is GSP and you reply in the same way

Ebay say the items are insured and they pay the money back

It may be too late now to get the money back


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