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account restricted why

Just received an unanswerable email from ebay stating that my account has been restricted,what does that mean.

I have had to give mobile number so when a buyer comes to collect or view they are able to locate my address

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That could be your problem......eBay does not allow a view before buying option as it is open to abose with people viewing & paying for items without then going through eBay.....thus depriving them of the fees they are due


You are not allowed to supply ANY contact details until a purchase has been completed !!  If a buyer wants to view then they have to buy, tuirn up & if happy pay.....if not happy you agree a cancellation


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You have items listed so Ebay have not removed them. Their Email should explain what the Restriction involves.

Ebay are having a Crackdown on Off Ebay Sales and pick up messages including Telephone Numbers or Email Addresses.

Does make it difficult if selling a Car or a Collection Item, I believe you are now supposed to use Advanced Search and use the Obtain Contact Details on the left side of the page.