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Why do I have to open a PayPal account to return an item

Need to get a postal label to return a parcel and it's asking me to open a PayPal account. I don't want to do this, how do I get my returns label ?

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Who is asking you to open a PayPal account?


Is the label for an item that was not as described or is it just a simple return request? In other words, is it a prepaid label or one you have to pay for yourself?

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With so little information we're only guessing, but I assume that you're trying to buy a preprinted return label through eBay?


If eBay requires you to have a Paypal account to pay you can simply pack and post the item in the usual way, and pay at the Post Office.


Remember that the item remains your responsibility until delivered back to the seller, so don't forget to use recorded delivery or similar, and to use an insured service if the item has any value.