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What happens when ebay tell a buyer they won't post to the Netherlands,
Accepted Solution
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If you sold the item to someone from Netherlands then it is not ebay telling the buyer 

It is the fact that you do not have postage to any other countries. Your postage says UK only


If you want to post the item too them then you find a price and then send an invoice from the right of the item SEnd payment details

You adjust the postage do not reset just view the invoice to make sure it is correct then Send


If you dont want to post there then they will not be able to pay unless you send the invoice

You can do a non payment dispute

Non payment

If you have a non payer you open a non payment dispute at the bottom of the page under Resolution Centre

You can open one after 2 days and close after another 4 days

You get your final value fees back the non payer gets a strike and neither of you can leave feedback

If you dont do this then ebay do not know you did not get paid and you have to pay the fees

You have 32 days to open a dispute


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