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Returning a item that wasn't the same as ordered

HI i was wondering if anyone could help me by shedding some light on how returns work with ebay. I recently bought a item from a seller and instead of the ordered item i recieved a different item of the same type (instead of the model set i orderded they sent a different one). I have tried to contact the seller twice now over 5 days and havent had a response from them so i opened up a returns case. So i have recieved the label that i need to print off to send it back to the seller but what stops the seller from not refunding me or lying about the item condition etc. Im a bit woried that due to the fact he hasnt replied to the messages he wont refund me could anybody help me with this? Also will i be refunded the second postage or do i pay that myself to send the item back?


Kind regards Connor

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First, if you opened a return case for item not as described the label the seller has sent you should be prepaid and you won't need to pay anything when you take the package to the post office.


If he is using an eBay label it is tracked and the tracking number will show that you have returned the item. When the tracking number shows delivery or attempted delivery you should receive your refund and if you don't then you escalate the case to eBay and they force the refund.


You say that the seller hasn't responded but they have sent you a return label - that is a response. What stops the seller from not refunding you is that eBay will make the refund and charge the seller if they don't do it voluntarily.


If you want to find out exactly what eBay says then click on Help and Contact at the top of the page and type "returning an item that is not as described" into the search. I think you'll find all the information you need there plus a video!

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You do not really need any "response" from the seller.  You opened the case and the label arrived.  I take it that you did not need to escalate the case as that is when eBay would arrange for the label.  If I am correct then the seller sent the label and it comes through eBay