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Why would anyone purchasing something from you request your paypal email address, when everything you need to make an offer is already on your account?


Secondly, if you are concerned that it might be a fraudulant offer, does anyone have the contact details for Ebay UK?



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Bet it's for the watch.


It's a common scam, new sellers any kind of expensive items attract these guys, because they presume that you've not set your Buyer Requirements tight enough to block them.

They don't actually send you any money - you just receive a very genuine looking PayPal payment notification telling you that you have been paid, and that you should send the item out. The scammer knows that a new seller won't think to log into their PayPal accounts to check that a payment is in there and is showing as completed.

I wouldn't ship outside UK with this item, and I would block bidders without a credit card on file (that heads most of them off at the pass).



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