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No contact from buyer
Buyer won bid contacted me same day told how to pay (PAYPAL) and when to collect item had no contact from or to buyer who 2days later hasn't paid
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Items which have been won and are collection only items are best to be paid for in cash on collection.


You can call your buyer and arrange a convenient pick up.  Go top right to Advanced next to the big blue Search,  and on the left select Find Contact Details.  Enter the buyers username ID and the transaction number of the item.  Your buyer will also get your contact details.


If you buyer has changed their mind anout purchasing from you you then need to issue either a cancellation request,  whcih they must accept for you to receive your seller's fees back,  or open a non payment case.  If you need help with either later,  please come back and post again,  someone will help you.

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Collection items should be paid in cash after inspection. Paypal is unsafe for collections as if buyer claims "unauthorised" payment, you lose the money. No Item No Money.

Most buyers are ok, but some set out to get Freebies, particularly from New Sellers.

An unpaid case gets your selling fee refunded, cancellation without buyers agreement risks bad feedback and a Defect.

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You need to open an unpaid case here Resolution Centre
You can close the case as unpaid 4 full days after opening for a fee credit
Simply cancelling can not only leave you with fees to pay but also give you a selling defect


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Motors and collection items should be cash on collection and inspection and not by paypal

There is no ebay or paypal protection for motors


If you have a non payer you open a non payment dispute at the bottom of the page under Resolution Centre

You can open one after 2 days and close after another 4 days

You get your final value fees back the non payer gets a strike and neither of you can leave feedback

If you dont do this then ebay do not know you did not get paid and you have to pay the fees

You have 32 days to open a dispute


You will still pay the £10 listing fee


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