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Items haven't arrived
My order has not arrived it say it should of been here Tuesday 6 June
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Go to the Resolution Centre - link at the bottom of the page - and open a case for item not received. You have 30 days from the estimated date of delivery to do this.


You just have to read the instructions and follow them very carefully. It is usually best to ask for a refund rather than a replacement as this gives you the chance to buy from someone else once you have the money back. It also prevents the scenario where the seller keeps promising to send another one and delays you until the case times out.


When you open the case you will receive an email from eBay that tells you when you can escalate the case (ask eBay to step in and help) and when it will time out if you don't escalate it.


By the way - have you told the seller that you haven't received the item? They won't know if you haven't told them.